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Barham Abattoir Support

Barham Abattoir Support

Murray River Council has supported the building phase of the Barham Abattoir

The Murray River Council says they would like to see the Barham Abattoir project proceed to the building phase..

The micro abattoir will be a multi species facility servicing Southern New South Wales pork, lamb, beef, goat and poultry paddock to plate producers.

In March, the council approved the lease agreement for the Gonn Road site with Murray Plains Meat Cooperative.

Mayor of the Council, Chris Bilkey says the project has received enthusiasm from the community.

"Because of the impact that it is going to have on jobs in the area, there's a great deal of enthusiasm for it", he said.

"It will enable quite a number of jobs in a relatively small town like Barham, which will of course filter through to the rest of community."

"We're delighted to see it progressing."

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Lauren Mathers from the Murray Plains Meat Co-Op says the council supporting the next step of the Barham Micro Abattoir Project is exciting.

"It just means we're up to the next step with the project and all that hard work that has gone in over the years is coming to fruition," she said.

"The D.A. [development application] still needs to be approved, but the fact that the council supports that going to the next stage is pretty exciting."

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