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Basin Plan Petition

Basin Plan Petition

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More than 2,000 signatures have been collected since the Tocumwal rally

A petition calling for a Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is gaining huge momentum.

It has a target of 10,000 signatures, which will force a debate in New South Wales Parliament, and organisers are confident this target will be reached.

Speak Up Chair Shelley Scoullar said everyone in the community is working to collect signatures, from businesses to individuals.

"That's exactly why we're doing this petition, because it's about communities and we know that there's too many failings of the Basin Plan," she said.

"It's directly impacting not just farmers but the entire community."

The petition to NSW Parliament says it "brings to the attention of the House the devastating and inequitable impacts to rural communities and to ecosystems and the environment across regional NSW due to poor water policy, in particular the Murray Darling Basin Plan", and continues:

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to support

1. Call for a Federal Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan and the Murray Darling Basin Authority. It must include a just and broad Terms of Reference (determined in conjunction with impacted communities) that investigates the impacts of Flood Plain Harvesting and the historically estuarine nature of the Lower Lakes.

2. NSW Government petition the Federal Government to establish a Public National Water Register to increase the transparency of water ownership across the Basin.

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Ms Scoullar is hoping for the 10,000 signatures before mid-October.

"Let's get this done really quickly so that we can send a very strong message to Government that we are not happy and we've had enough," she said.

"It's time to get their heads out of the sand and make some changes that will benefit the environment and our community.

"Legislative changes have been made in the past and there's no reason it can't be done again."

Anyone who would like to help collect signatures is invited to contact Shelley Scoullar through or on 0414 960 785.

Petitions can be downloaded from the Speak Up website or Facebook page, and once filled out they need to be returned as per instructions at the bottom of the petition.

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