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Bridge Traffic Plans

Bridge Traffic Plans

Proposal Put Forward To Decongest The Bridge

Murray River Council are working in conjunction with Transport NSW to improve the flow of traffic at the Echuca-Moama bridge checkpoint.

Currently, those travelling from Moama to Echuca freely travel through, while those travelling from Echuca to Moama can often be waiting in queue for an hour.

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The proposal being put forward by Murray River Council is to split the traffic coming from Echuca into the two lanes and use the southbound lane to process more cars.

The traffic that would usually be in that lane, going from Moama, would be diverted around the Bowling Club.

Traffic management would then have to be implemented to organise the southbound lane directions.

"The relaxing of the requirements to travel back and forth has lead to really, really big queues. It's very common in Echuca to have the queue right back to Dan Murphy's which takes you almost an hour to get over the bridge. That's pretty ordinary.

"We've been working with Transport NSW to accelerate the checking at the Moama side of the bridge so more cars can get over in less time. At the moment, it's frustrating the heck out of people on both sides of the border.

"This proposal would allow two queues of cars to be processed before the roundabout in Moama.

"In Albury they've done that exact same thing. They've diverted traffic around the normal southbound access point and used that empty lane to process more cars. That makes sense to us and we're hoping they'll [Transport NSW] work it out.

"You're only as fast as the slowest car. If one gets held up, everyone gets held up."

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