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Campaspe Finance Support

Campaspe Finance Support

Campaspe Shire Council Announces A New Wave Of Financial Support Measures

Campaspe Shire Council has extended a range of financial support measures to assist ratepayers, residents, businesses and community groups in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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A summary of the financial support measures approved by Council are as follows;

RATE PAYMENTS: Extend the waiving of interest of any debts incurred by ratepayers experiencing financial hardship since 25 March 2020 to the end of the current financial year, 30 June 2021.

PUBLIC SPACE TRADING PERMITS: Continue to waive, on a monthly pro rata basis, the fees related to the 2020/21 public spaces trading permits for the display of goods, A-frames and footpath trading, if businesses have been impacted by the State Government Restricted Activities direction, until the direction is revoked.

CHILD CARE: Note the Federal Government’s recent announcement that all Victorian centre based child care enrolments will receive 30 approved absence days in addition to the usual 42 days allocated, which will enable families to utilise available days of absence to hold their child’s place at a service, should children be unable to attend the service. Council also approved to waive the daily gap fee when allowance absences are being applied for children unable to attend the service.

OFF STREET PARKING PERMITS: Adjust the second quarter payment, on a pro rata basis, for the period impacted by stage 3 restrictions. Refund, on a pro rata basis, the annual off street parking permits paid in advance for the period impacted by and at the conclusion of stage 3 restrictions.

PAID CAR PARKING: Meters will not be in operation from 19 August, until the stage 3 restrictions are lifted. Time restrictions will still apply.

ECHUCA HOLIDAY PARK: Waive, on a month by month pro rata basis, the annual site holder fees at the Echuca Holiday Park, until stage 3 restrictions are revoked.

USER AGREEMENTS: Waive ground hire fees for the 2020/21 financial year for community groups occupying Council buildings and facilities by a User Agreement. Defer the recalculation of utility payments for community groups occupying Council buildings and facilities by a User Agreement until after 30 September 2020.

STADIUM FEES: Waive annual stadium fees for community groups and operators impacted by the restricted activities direction.

FOOD, BEAUTY & ACCOMMODATION PREMISES: Waive one-half of the annual registration renewal fee for the 2021 calendar year, for businesses classed as Food Act premises or businesses under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act (beauty and accommodation premises).

CARAVAN PARK REGISTRATIONS: Waive one-sixth of caravan park registration fee (a 3 year fee).

TOURISM RIDE OPERATORS: Waive, on a month by month basis, the licence fee for Council approved operators under Policy 67 – Port of Echuca Precinct Tourism Ride Operators.

These support measures will be reflected in invoices and registration documentation issued by Council. Businesses and community groups set to benefit from these financial support measures will be written to outlining how these support measures will be applied.

More detail about the financial support measures will also be made available on Council’s website,

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