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Cool Change On The Way

Cool Change On The Way

Cool change expected in Northern Victoria later this week

Northern Victoria will have to wait a little longer to feel a cool change after a hot weekend.

Senior forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology Michael Efron said while the rest of the state cooled down, some parts missed out.

"Temperatures through Northern parts still in the mid- to high-30s today, so sadly that cool change didn't get into the North of the state."

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Mr Efron said the weather in Northern Victoria will see some changes in the coming days.

"[There is] still some instability across Northern and Eastern Victoria," he said.

"Already this morning we have observed lighting up in the Mallee, and there is a potential for further thunderstorms extending south-east into North-Eastern Victoria."

Mr Efron said a cold-front is expected in the far-south-west of the state tomorrow morning, which will take some time to travel towards the border.

He said temperatures are expected to start dropping on Tuesday night, before cooling off for the rest of the week.

"For Wednesday we are looking at temperatures in the North... at maximums in the low-20's," he said.

"Quite a chilly day across the state on Wednesday."

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