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Deni hit by bubble burst

Deni hit by bubble burst

“Our residents are often forced out of town to buy a pair of undies!”

The Edward River Council have hit out at the decision to remove the region from the border bubble.

It was last night announced that six shires - including Edward River - would no longer be considered part of the border bubble.

Edward River Council mayor Norm Brennan says the decision is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.
“Without a single Covid case in the LGA since the start of the pandemic, we are at a loss to understand how this decision was made,” he said.

“We have no major highways in our LGA - we do not get a large amount of through traffic from anywhere and our community absolutely relies on access to Victoria for essential services including but not limited to health and education.

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“The closest we have come to being exposed to Covid is Echuca - a Victorian case not a NSW border bubble resident.

“We present no risk to Victoria, in fact our residents take the risk by travelling to Victoria for essential services. Our residents are often forced out of town to buy a pair of undies! That's what we're talking about - this decision makes no sense."

Brennan added there were medical and education issues as well.

“We are 45 minutes from Echuca. Our nearest NSW town with adequate facilities is nearly two and a half hours away. That is certainly not ideal for serious medical concerns," he said.

“We have many children attend school in Victoria as well. Those kids have done it tough enough in the last 18 months without this to add to their worries.
“This decision really is incomprehensible. Whilst I have been advised our residents can seek exemptions for confirmed medical appointments we have no further clarification on how this decision will affect our students and workforce.

“Rather than an early evening update to their website, we implore the Victorian Government to not put at risk our residents, to consider we are all Australians not State versus State and to leave the politics out of this."

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