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Easter Driving Results

Easter Driving Results

Easter Long Weekend Police Results

Police across the region have released the results of their Easter long weekend driving operations.

Campaspe Shire Highway Patrol conducted over 1000 preliminary breath tests under 'Operation Nexus'.

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No drivers were found to be under the influence of alcohol during the course of the operation, however police said one driver was found under the influence of drugs.

Another driver was also found under the influence of alcohol on Wednesday, just before the operation began.

Echuca Police said 57 traffic tickets were also issued. These include:

- 23 speeding offences

- 9 disobey traffic control

- 4 seat belt offences

- 7 unregistered vehicles

- Other offences not listed

Murray River Police District conducted 275 breath tests across Moama and Mathoura, as part of 'Operation Tortoise', with no drivers found to be under the influence.

They did confirm a truck had run off the road on Sunday in an unrelated incident, while travelling north on the Cobb Highway.

The 72-year-old male driver from Ballarat suffered a momentary lapse of concentration when he took a mouthful of his drink.

The drink got caught in his windpipe, causing him to cough and lose control of the vehicle.

Police say the truck ran off the road and collided with a tree, before going through a fence and coming to rest in a paddock.

A major defect notice was issued for the truck, and police have confirmed legal action will be taken against the driver.

Police from both districts said they are pleased with the overall behaviour of drivers over the weekend.

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