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Illegal dumping

EPA is calling on bush users to stamp out illegal dumping

Environment Protection Authority Victoria wants anyone in the region heading bush this region to keep an eye out for illegal rubbish dumping.

The issue of rubbish being discarded around forests in the Echuca region has long been a cause for concern.

Chris Webb from EPA’s Illegal Waste Disposal Strikeforce says there is also the growing issue of building and other hazardous materiials such as asbestos being dumped.

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The problem is serious, there are fly-by-night skip bin hire firms that specialise in dodging the cost of proper recycling and disposal by abandoning tonnes of waste wherever and whenever they can,” he said.

“That illegal dumping contaminates the environment and is unfair competition for the honest local businesses who pay the fees for proper disposal and recycling.”

The dump sites often include construction and demolition waste, hazardous materials such as asbestos and household rubbish. A large percentage of those materials should have been recycled, instead of winding up in a local creek or park.

Local Councils across the state spend around $30 million every year cleaning up abandoned waste, and two thirds of EPA’s prosecutions every year are for illegal waste dumping.

"When you see waste dumped in the bush or abandoned on private land, report it to EPA by calling 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842) or visiting the website,” Mr Webb said.