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Fox and Wild Dog Bounty

Fox and Wild Dog Bounty

Bounty season starts on Monday 

The Victorian Government's fox and wild dog bounty will resume on Monday, starting in the North East.

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Agriculture Victoria Biosecurity Officers will be at designated collection centres from March 4th.

Eligible participants can submit entire fox scalps for a $10 reward and wild dog skin pieces for a $120 reward during scheduled collection times.

Agriculture Victoria Leading Biosecurity Officer Nigel Roberts has urged hunters to refresh their knowledge with the terms and conditions of the bounty, and to check the collection centre open times.

"It's important that everyone participating knows the requirements, so they can benefit from the bounty," he said.

Mr Roberts said the bounty had been running in Victoria since 2011.

"In that time, we have collected more than 722,000 fox scalps and 3,000 wild dog skin pieces through the bounty," he said.

Agriculture Victoria stated foxes and wild dogs require ongoing management from all private and public land managers.

They said the bounty is a part of an integrated approach to management of fox numbers.

More information can be found on the Victorian Agricultural website.

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