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Image: Pixabay

Fraud Warning

Fraud Warning

Image: Pixabay

Police are reminding residents to be vigilant

Moama Police are warning residents of scammers asking for personal information over the phone and online.

They say tax time makes locals an easy target.

Murray River Police District Inspector Paul Huggett said residents need to be careful with what information they share.

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"If it's too good to be true, it often is too good to be true."

While it's often difficult to tell the difference, police urged residents to be vigilant.

"The scammers are really good these days with fraudulent websites," Insp. Huggett said.

"Their banking institution looks exactly the same as the financial institution that you use, so it's very difficult to tell whether they are fraudulent."

Insp. Huggett said the easiest way to avoid being caught is to take control of the situation.

"If, and when, that does happen you've really got to stiffen up the backbone and say 'yep, thanks, I'll ring you back,'" he said.

"Terminate the call. Go to Google, go to the Yellow Pages, ring your financial institution, go into the bank - you make that contact and confirm that information."

If residents believe they have been scammed, there are ways to report it.

"Report it to your local police or get onto the Scamwatch website," Insp. Huggett said.

"You'll come down to the police station and we'll give you what we call a fraud reporting pack.

"That allows you to go away and fill out the forms and the paperwork as much as you can, and we'll commence investigations from the information that is received on that package."

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