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It was a scorcher

It was a scorcher

The numbers don't lie, January was a scorcher

If you reckon January was hot, you're right.

The average daily temperature in Echuca, according the Bureau of Meteorology was 35 degrees, when Echuca's historic daily average is 30.9 degrees.

Echuca had four days hotter than 40 degrees, when the town averages 1.8 days over 40 in January.

There were also 17 days over 35 degrees (average is 7.4 days) and 24 days over 30 degrees (average is 17.3 days).

The hottest day was Saturday, January 20, when the mercury climbed to 44.1 degrees.

It was a little bit off the hottest January day on record, 45.6 degrees, set on January 13, 2016.

The hottest ever day in Echuca was 46.8 degrees, set on Black Saturday, February 9, 2009.

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In Deniliquin, the average maximum daily temperature was 35.5 degrees, while the long-term average for the town is 33.1.

The hottest day was 44.2 degrees on Saturday, January 20, while the highest ever January day is 46 degrees in 2001 and the hottest ever day was 46.6 on February 7, 2009.

There were 7 days over 40 degrees (average is 3.5 days in January), 18 days over 35 degrees (average is 11.2) and 25 days over 30 degrees (average 22.7).

It was a slightly drier than average January, with 19mm recorded, while the average is 23.5mm.

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