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Kangaroo nightmare

Victorian MP wants government action on kangaroo population

Culling kangaroos will help to reduce road safety, according to Member for Northern Victoria Luke O'Sullivan.

Kangaroos are a problem for road users throughout the state and Mr O’Sullivan wants the Victorian Government to step up with a response to the problem.

Mr O’Sullivan has called for a cull on the roos in hot spots, where there is evidence of dead kangaroos on the road side.

He said thinning kangaroo numbers would help to make travelling highways and country roads safer.

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The frightening thing is that it’s not unusual to see that many kangaroos on the side of the road in recent times, as kangaroo numbers continue to increase.”

The most recent data available from VicRoads shows that the number of motorists who suffered injuries as a result of collisions with animals reached a 10-year

high of 128 in 2015.

"I believe kangaroo numbers have increased significantly since then.

“Encountering a kangaroo on the road is a danger to drivers in ordinary circumstances, but when drivers have to deal with kangaroos in this kind of volume

it becomes a huge hazard.

“I myself have had several near misses and I know firsthand how dangerous it is to swerve to miss a kangaroo.

“The large number of kangaroos is a significant risk to road users and I hope that no one is seriously injured or dies as a result of hitting or swerving to avoid

hitting a kangaroo.”

Statistics from the RACV show that in 2015, 5443 animals were the cause for insurance claims with the majority, 4443 claims, caused by kangaroos.

“The number of kangaroos around is a huge danger to road users. It needs to be addressed to improve road safety and hopefully decrease the number of crashes.”