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Ley wins Farrer

Ley wins Farrer

Ley wins Farrer

Liberal candidate Sussan Ley has been re-elected to represent the seat of Farrer. Despite a strong challenge from Independent candidate Kevin Mack, Ms Ley has been able to retain her leadership position.

Considered a ‘very safe’ Liberal seat, Ms Ley has held the position since 2001. She first won the seat with a majority of just 0.1 percent over the National Party, but with 16.4 percent over Labor. With no National Party challenger in subsequent elections, Ley has had little difficulty winning re-election since.

In an interview with Ace Radio prior to the election, Ms Ley outlined the key policies of the Liberal Party.

She said a re-elected Scott Morrison government will:
- keep your taxes lower;
- support small business;
- stand behind our farmers; and,
- bring jobs, particularly for young people, to our region.

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“I know Farrer, I know everyone inch of this fabulous part of Western New South Wales, and I'm determined to keep delivering,” Ms Ley said.

Water has been a hot topic among voters, and candidates have approached the situation with caution.

Ms Ley said water policy is vital for the electorate of Farrer, as it is the home of irrigated agriculture.

She said the area has seen lots go wrong because of the water allocation system in the NSW Murray.

"A lot of that relates to a plan that has State Governments at the table, so the Commonwealth is not able to fix everything, but what we can do is work with the States to make sensible changes."

As we move into the water season, Ms Ley believes the most important thing is for farmers to get an allocation.

"We know that the allocation of losses in the conveyancing in the system is not strictly fair," she said.

"We know that if we allocated those losses differently, we would have more general security water in the electorate of Farrer, and that would actually make sense."

She said beyond this, it is about flexibility inside the Basin Plan.

"It's about recognising that the environment actually should be providing water, even if it's just alone, for farmers so that they can finish winter crops and actually have a safety net."

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