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Local vaccination rates

Local vaccination rates

Murray River Council is leading the way in local vaccination rates

The Murray River Council has rolled up their sleeves to produce one of the best vaccination rates in the country.

Of eligible people, the region has seen a remarkable 93.6 per cent of their population receive their first dose.

The region is also leading the way in their second doses, with 62.6 per cent now fully vaccinated.

Gannawarra Shire sits at 78.6 per cent first dose, and 44.4 per cent second dose.

Berrigan Shire is just half a per cent behind at 78.1 per cent first does, and more than half the region fully dosed at 52.9 per cent.

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Campaspe Shire has 75.9 per cent first dose, and 46.3 per cent second dosage, while the Moira Shire is less than half a per cent behind at 75.7 first, and less than a per cent fully dosed at 45.4 per cent.

Murrumbidgee sits at a strong 67.7 per cent first dose and 39.3 per cent second.

But Edward River Shire has slowed their dosage rate to a crawl, with now just 51.9 per cent with one dose and 34.7 per cent fully dosed.

Data - Australian Health Department.

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