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MDBA split not likely

MDBA split not likely

The Basin Plan is likely to be complete before changes are made

Splitting the Murray-Darling Basin Authority into a regulatory and managerial body is not likely to happen until the Basin Plan is complete.

Speaking with ACE Radio, the Federal Environment Minister and Member for Farrer, Sussan Ley, has said there are no plans for it to happen any time soon.

"No decision has been made to split the MDBA," she said.

"I think it's a good idea, my initial conversation with my colleagues indicate that it makes sense - it's not something we've announced however.

"Let's just get to the end of the Plan and let's just get through this dry period first."

Ms Ley showed her support for the idea during the election campaign.

Despite no immediate plans to make the change to a different model, Ms Ley said she still supports the idea.

"When the Basin Plan lands finally in 2024, it makes sense to move to that different model," she said.

The Federal Government released the Productivity Commission’s five-year review of the Basin Plan's management back in January, which showed the Authority's role as a manager and regulator were often in conflict.

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Ms Ley said the appointment of the Inspector-General, Mick Keelty, will make a difference to communities.

"When I talk to my colleagues and also the agencies involved, they were happy with the Inspector-General as the first step," she said.

"He's not just one person put there to make everyone feel better - he's got a real job in really talking to communities.

"He's got resources behind him and he will make a difference and give people confidence."

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