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Moama Projects Start

Moama Projects Start

First Steps Taken Towards New Police Station & Childcare Centre For Moama

The first step towards a new Moama Police Station has been taken.

Murray River Council Mayor Chris Bilkey has confirmed the reclassification of land on which the station is going to be built was motioned at last night's council meeting.

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"We have a history in this that goes back 20 years, it's starting to rival the amount of time to get the new bridge up and running.

"We're delighted to say we have some traction now. It follows an offer by this council to provide the land required to build the new police station. That offer was accepted by the State Government.

"We're now undertaking the process of converting that land from public use land to operational land that would allow for the building of the station.

"It will be on the corner of the Cobb Highway and Francis Street, which is the continuation of Perricoota Road, so it's right in the middle of the developing part of Moama. It's an ideal spot.

"We hope the State Government will follow through very quickly with plans to build the new station.

"It will have to be built in a way that's coordinated with the new intersection that's coming into that point with the new bridge.

"The new bridge will meet the Cobb Highway very close to where this new police station will be built and the bridge isn't due for completion until the end of next year, so I don't see the police station being completed before then either.

Bilkey also confirmed the new bridge is causing the Moama Preschool Centre to be relocated, out of the way of an increased level of traffic.

"The place in which the current preschool centre is positioned is one that's going to be made more difficult to maintain. When the new bridge is operational, Pericoota Road as it currently exists, a T-intersection with the Cobb Highway, will be extended straight across the highway into Francis Street.

"The centre is at Francis Street and Regent Street. Francis Street will get a lot more traffic and the absence of any parking around that centre makes it a very difficult proposition once that traffic level increases.

"The centre's reaching the end of it's life anyway, it's overcrowded and quite frankly, a dangerous drop off spot.

"We've identified a piece of land out behind the Grammar school in Kirchhofer Street, and again, we've had to change the classification of that land to enable to preschool to be built."

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