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Naponda Market delayed

Naponda Market delayed

COVID restrictions put market on hold

Sunday's planned Naponda Farmers Market will not take place.

With COVID restrictions still in place across the state, the market is unable to take place outside the store.

Market coordinator Pam Ellerman said the decision was a necessary one.

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"It is with a heavy heart that this Saturday’s market will not be able to be held outside our store," she said.

"We must appreciate how difficult it is to work within the constraints of all that has happened re COVID rules in our region in the past month.

"Our market, hopefully will be welcoming you back next month and with our usual vigour and enthusiasm and delicious and wonderful new treats for our friends of our market to enjoy.

"Many of you drive more than an hour to attend and that means you just love our market.

"It does make me very sad for one and they would not be on their own, of our vegetable producers to tell me they not able to attend markets and much of their fresh vegetable crops being ploughed back into the ground as fertilizer."

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