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New Medical Permit

New Medical Permit

New Medical Permit Currently Being Created

A new permit for New South Wales residents who require ongoing medical treatment in Victoria is in the process of being created.

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Lourene Liebenberg of Deniliquin Local Health Advisory Committee explained the current situation (as of 2.30pm Tues July 28).

"That's been the issue all along is that people were really worried about having to self isolate because that's the only permit available.

"It's been indicated to us that people can travel across the border if the services are not available locally and cannot be accessed remotely. The basis is 'ongoing medical care that's needed to maintain a person's health'.

"So essentially there will be a permit created, which hasn't happened yet as we are speaking.

"It will allow people to return to New South Wales from Victoria without self isolating, provided that they have taken the most direct route, that they have not visited other places, and that where they've gone is not a restricted area in accordance with the area direction under the Public Health Order.

"If you're going to go to a hotspot, you will have to isolate. If you go to a non-hotspot like Shepparton, Echuca, Bendigo, you can return without self isolating.

"Now we are just waiting for that permit to become available.

"A conversation that I had this morning (Tuesday morning) indicated that Service New South Wales are working on it to have it up as soon as possible. But no, we do not have an indication if that's hours or days.

"Our advice to people is that as we require permits to return back to NSW, that we wait for that permit to become available before we make the decision to cross the border."

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