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Nurmukah clean up

Nurmukah clean up

The EPA have reached the halfway point for the tyre clean up

Roughly one quarter of the Nurmukah tyre stockpile has been removed, approximately five weeks into the removal process.

The Environment Protection Authority said this is an estimated 1200 tonnes of waste removed since the beginning of the project on December 11th.

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The North East Region Manager Emma Knights said the removal has been carefully planned, with tyres first taken from where the hazards are most critical.

"Aerial pictures taken by an EPA camera drone late last week show piles of waste tyres have been removed from the eastern side, closest to homes along the Goulburn Valley Highway," she said.

"The southern side, which faces several business premises, is currently being removed.”

The whole project is expected to take a total of ten weeks, with up to eight trucks leaving the site, five days a week.

Updates on the cleanup can be found on the Moira Shire Council website.

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