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Southern 80 Water Safety

Southern 80 Water Safety

Spectators are reminded to stay out of the water

With the Southern 80 on this weekend, spectators are being reminded of water safety during the event.

Campaspe Shire Council Mayor Adrian Weston urged campers along the Murray to be responsible.

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"The key message out there is - if you're camping along the river just while the event is on, stay out of the river," he said.

"You've got some professional teams that are really focussed on getting from that starting line to the finish line, and certainly don't need any distractions."

Cr Weston said Moama Water Sports Club have worked tirelessly to ensure the event is as safe as possible.

"There's been a real focus on the safety aspects of the event by the organising committee during the last couple of years,

"It was borne out last year with an incident free Southern 80, and we're gonna have another incident free Southern 80, I hope."

Vessels moored or secured to the Riverbank are not allowed to be operated during the event.

The river will be closed from 6am-7pm 7PM on Saturday and Sunday, with the exclusion zone marked by bouys and signs.

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