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Sturt/Ogilvie/Scott Works

Sturt/Ogilvie/Scott Works

Sturt Street, Ogilvie Avenue, Scott Road; You Can Wait Until October

The Victorian Department of Transport have confirmed the works being undertaken at Sturt Street and Ogilvie Avenue in Echuca are being pushed past schedule again.

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The lights project was to be completed at the end of the financial year, it was then extended to September - however NOW the Department has said it won't be completed until mid-October.

Crews are still working on the final stages of connecting the traffic signals, with those on the west side of the railway line yet to be installed.

A right turn lane at Scott Road is also being formed. The westbound lane that's currently being worked on is to be completed in the next two weeks, weather permitting.

The traffic management and the 40 km/h zone will remain in place until the works are completed.

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