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VIC Fire Danger Period

VIC Fire Danger Period

Fire Danger Period still active

The fire danger period is still active in Northern Victoria, and the CFA has urged residents and travellers to think twice about starting a fire this holiday period.

Acting Operations Manager for District 20, Mick Lavery, said those travelling to the region need to understand the fire risks.

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"Fire conditions are the same as they've been for the past few months. There's been no rain for a long time - all the fuels, grasses and bush are very dry and ready to burn, so we're very worried about that," he said.

"We would strongly recommend that people don't have fires over this weekend."

Mr Lavery said there is no set date for the end of the fire danger period.

"We haven't got a definite date yet, but it will be after the Easter/ANZAC Day break."

Small fires are permitted for cooking and warmth, however there are strict restrictions. The fire must be:

- Contained within one metre square;

- In a properly constructed fire pit, or a trench 30cm deep;

- Clear above and around for three metres;

- Attended by a person with the capacity to extinguish the fire at any time, and;

- Be properly extinguished before leaving.

Mr Lavery said some primary producers do have permits to light fires.

"If they see smoke, or smell smoke in the area, don't be concerned," he said.

If they see fire, and it's endangering life or property, then call triple-zero (000)."

More information on restrictions can be found on the CFA website.

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